M. Tech.

M. Tech. programme at Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability is a Masters programme offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in the area of quality and reliability.

Applicants to this programme are expected to have an outstanding academic background in EEE / ECE / ME / PE / Aerospace / Civil / Instrumentation Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Biotechnology / CSE / IT / Mining Engineering / Metallurgy. The programme is a 90-credit degree programme, which stretch over 4 semesters for a full-time student. About two-thirds of the credits occupy coursework, and the leftovers consists of project work. Emphasis is on conducting original research and writing a thesis (individually) that reports research findings. The programme is flexible enough to allow a student to specialize in any topic of interest by taking elective courses and working on a research project in that area.

Students are provided with state-of-art laboratories and infrastructure facilities. Full-time students are also provided with hostel accommodation.

MS Program

The MS (Research) programme is a special research-oriented Masters programme offered to students who are interested in exploring in-depth research problems in any area of Quality and Reliability. The emphasis is on conducting original research and writing a thesis of publishable quality. Interested students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic performance and research potential may convert to the Ph. D. programme.

The MS(R) programme has 40 credits of research and 20 credits of course work. Students are advised to take courses based on their research interests and background. They are expected to identify their thesis advisor by the end of their first semester, and begin research in the second semester. A MS Student is provided with laboratory and infrastructure facilities similar to that of a Ph. D.   scholar.

Ph. D.

The doctoral programme in SCSQR offers students the possibility of doing intensive research in an area of their choice. We have a vibrant research programme consisting of about 20 Ph. D. students and it has been our constant endeavour to provide the best facilities and working environment to our research students.

All full-time Ph. D. students are provided with financial assistance. Proper office space is provided to all Ph. D. students, with a desktop PC. Research students have unrestricted access to all laboratories in the department.

Ph. D. students often collaborate with researchers within and outside the country. It is common, and regularly encouraged, for students to spend time at collaborating institutions in academia and industry. Our students regularly publish research results in leading international conferences and reputed journals.