List of Important Courses

Course Number Title
IM60023 Statistical Process Control
RE60028 Quality System Standards
RE60030 Quality Planning and Analysis
RE60005 Quality of Services Analyses In Cloud Computing
IM31005 Quality Design and Control
IM31002 Quality Engineering
IM60062 Six Sigma Fundamentals & Applications
IM60045 Total Quality Management
IM70001 Design of Experiments
CE60021 Water Supply Systems
AG61693 Water Quality Management
AG60127 Food Quality and Safety Standards
CS60004 Hardware Security
CS40014/CS60058 Fault Tolerant Systems
IM70001 Design & analysis of experiments
IM31002 Quality Engineering
WM60008 Water Pollution and Control
WM60008 Geogenic Water Pollution and Control
WM60014 Fate and Transport of Contaminants in Water
RE60001 Reliability Analysis and Prediction
RE60003 Maintenance Engineering
RE60002 Reliability Design
RE60004 Reliability Estimation and Life Testing
RE60011 Probabilistic Risk Assessment
RE60013 Statistical Methods in Reliability
RE60019 Failure Data Organization and Analysis
RE60018 Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance
RE60024 Software Reliability