The school is currently located in the old building of IIT Kharagpur and soon to be relocated to the J. C. Bose Laboratory building under construction at the Ramanujam Complex. Currently it houses the following laboratory facilities:

Reliability and Demonstration Lab

This lab houses different types of chambers of smaller and larger size to simulate environment conditions under which an item operates. It has the following chambers:

  • Cyclic testing Machine
  • Cold chamber
  • Bump testing machine
  • Thermo cyclic chamber
  • Hot chamber
  • Humidity chamber
  • Switch testing machine (Toggle and push button)


Condition Monitoring Lab

This lab has facilities of monitoring the parameters of machinery condition (such as vibration, temperature, current etc.) in order to identify a significant change, which is an indicative of the developing fault. Maintenance, operations, and reliability engineers and technicians rely on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance techniques to ensure critical equipment such as turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, and motors operate more efficiently and last longer.


Reliability Simulation Lab (Computer Lab)

This houses around 20-25 computers with latest configuration. Each computer is loaded with reliability software (Isograph, Reliasoft, RAMS commander). Many of the PC’s are loaded with licensed version of Weibull++, Blocksim, Reliability prediction etc. Apart from these, each PC is facilitated with MATLAB, Minitab which are used by the researchers for simulation, system analysis, development of algorithm for their own specific problem.

Simulation facilities provided by this lab are: Monte Carlo Simulation, Fault Tree Simulation. FMEA and CA Simulation, Reliability prediction using Parts Court and Parts Stress Methods, Risk modeling, Reliability Modeling, Reliability estimation, failure data analysis, reliability simulation etc.

Besides, the above lab, the following labs are under planning and development stage:

  • Control and Acceptance Sampling Lab
  • Quality Testing Labs in Application Domains
  • Computer Lab with QR software
  • Structural Reliability Lab (Lab is currently housed in Civil Engineering Department)