Why choose a degree in Quality and Reliability Engineering?

The Master of Technology in Quality, Reliability Engineering is a unique two-year full time degree course offered in Indian Institute Technology, Kharagpur. The M. Tech. program is conducted in four semesters and offers a variety of subjects like Statistical Process control, Reliability design, Maintainability engineering, Reliability Estimation and Life testing , Reliability Analysis and Prediction, ... and others.

To strengthen interaction with industry, all students need to undertake a project work on live problems for a period of 52 weeks during this two year period as a part of the curriculum.

The skills and techniques taught in the course can be applied to improve efficiency and effectiveness in any organization or industry. Employers hire, promote, and recruit SCSQR graduates because of their extraordinary practice-based knowledge and their proven ability to achieve tangible results. Quality and Reliability achieves improved satisfaction and reduces cost by applying proven techniques from the well documented literature on Quality and Reliability. It produces a better outcome at a reduced cost in ways that can be measured and replicated. Our unique project-based degree programs combine theory and practice to allow you to maximize your potential and advance in your career. Won’t it be great to add education AND experience the next time you update your resume?

Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Leadership
  • Presentation
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Advocacy
  • Project Management & Execution